Twenty Twelve

by Joshua Swann

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Dust Sculptures Twenty Twelve will always have this direct and personal connection to my heart, soul, and dreams. This is no album. It is a person's past, desperately reshaped through sound. Broken, unfinished, and falling apart. Josh gave this home-recorded masterpiece everything he had, and the result is a fleeting projection of truly obsessive sound. I'm addicted to this record and all that it means. Favorite track: Lemuria PART I.
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released May 13, 2015

Angela Swann contributed the vocals on track 7 "Lemuria PART II"
and track 9 "Canyon Ghost"

Josh Koen drums on track 3 "Options"

Josh Marberry drums on tracks 9 "Canyon Ghost" and 11 "Silently"

A special thanks to friend and fellow muso Josh Marberry for encouraging me to release this album.

Artwork by Angela Swann



all rights reserved


Joshua Swann Australia

Josh grew up in the relative isolation of Brevard North Carolina. As a result, his childhood was a lonely but imaginative one - finding solace in an old Wurlitzer piano, a vast collection of vinyl records and much time spent wandering the woods and dirt roads of Pisgah Forest. Josh now lives in Australia with his wife Angela. ... more

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Track Name: Forgiving Years
you can remember the high trees of spring
in your forgiving years
you can can remember things just how they were back then
I miss being able to lose myself
how the wind in the trees could sway me
you can recall the fire and the sting of the pain when reality took you in
you vowed to never dream or let yourself be heard again
I miss being able to lose myself
how the wind in the tees could sway me
Track Name: The Way Back Home
do you know the way back home?

I was right there
where you stand yes
the very lonely spot
I am right there with you
in another lonely thought

any moment now
this will all collapse
and none of us
will have a chance

do you know the way back home?

should I be able to see things changing?
Is there something big that I've been missing?
did anyone ever have a grip on where they were going?
should I be covering more and more ground?
should I be out with the other's moving around?
is there a point where things start to get critical?

do you know the way back home?
Track Name: Options
I always have options
and I chose to break the cycle
isolate the source
eliminate the fucking problem
I don't know
how it's supposed to be
the more options I give myself
the more that I am free

house of hills of gold and grey and
sky that flowed a rain a cry
a dream a sound
I join with love and wander through
a snow and forest desert
waves of washing blue

just trying to move myself
the shit that I'm eating just don't help
and all I can do is sit around
sit around and wait for the next day
I've got my ducks in a row
I feel like nothing can go wrong
I've got my head up to the sky
I don't need to question why

wouldn't we all be glad of a god that really loved us
guess its too hard for me to try and love myself
gotta go try and make sombody else give a damn
I cannot accept any less

I would give anything to feel like I'm needed
but I don't need anyone so I guess that's conceded
and I wish someone would take this iphone from my hands
its getting hard to be normal with a blackberry and an android for a friend
I want someone to pull me off this internet
I want someone to show me how to dream
I want someone to care enough to say the truth
I want someone to care enough to say the truth
Track Name: Twenty Twelve
didn't I put your boxes where you wanted em?
don't you know its not my job you crusty one?
I can still hear you walking towards me down the corridor
your keys just give you away every time
you said
I told you twice now
and I
stood and laughed at you like a cheeky one
I said why dont you go and talk to your manager
I could tell right then you lost your spot

what are you gonna do about it
Im not gonna pick up your socks
you just cant accept
its not my problem
its just a box

these day's there's not much of a market for
ideas that could bring us home
get ahead move along
bring it back and do it all again

savor this feeling of belonging
in a cold dark world

what are you gonna do about it
I'm not gonna pick up your socks
I just cant accept
its become a problem
for the two of us
won't you take my hand
as the clocks wind down
as we feel the pull
as we hear the sound
forget what you've been told
there's nothing left but sky
no hiding from the cold
passing through the eye
Track Name: Circle & Square
tension is high
intelligence is low
want to escape?
well there's nowhere to go
see if you can find a place in your past
bright and blue
green fields of grass

somethings coming
we can all feel it
raise your voice now
don't let them steal it
come across to the light
beyond the forest
the sound from your heart
you can't ignore
Track Name: Lemuria PART I
on a cool night
when the moon shines down
on an open field of Christmas trees
the shadows move down from the
hundred year oak
down the darkened road
with its many mysteries
I saw it once when I was just a lad
lucky enough to make it home

Lemuria my ancient home
calling out to me
lost among the waves of deep time

now my eyes do not see so clear
my heart beats with a saddened fear
holding on to the dreams of the past
Lemuria waits for my always there

but its taking so long
scared that I could be wrong
but I'd die to be one with the truth
if only in death could I be with you
if I could be with you

let me drown
in your blue-green eyes
swallow me up inside of your love
and take my life

filter down
through your coral hands
wrapping me up
the snow and the sun
and the ancient sands
Track Name: Lemuria PART II
poor old farmer's spectacles
gleaming in the morning sun
gotta make sure the mill still turns
even though the wind don't blow

he knows the score
but still he cant decide
weather to stay or to go
horse will take the wheel and night will fall

clouds are rolling in again
its time to let the wind take hold
your much too old to be dreaming of
going back to your home

still he can feel
that old autumn wind
driving the rain and the snow

reigns upon the horse and now
they're moving cross the windy meadow

the rivers overflowed
the sea was back again
felt I could give up
and let it pull me in
my lungs were filling up
my skin was cold as ice
I looked up though the water
and saw the starry night

all I want to do
is live in the past
moment's when I knew
the moment couldn't last
on a wind-swept field
under the pouring rain
I saw the sky way clear
but knew that I was sane
Track Name: Donkey & Dove
when I'm old I will be dead before I get there
I hope I come back as something better
when I'm dead I will be glad and dont you tell me
that you'l be sad cause I know how life goes on

we're never old
we're all still young
in the heart and the mind of someone

so will I remember who I was
when I come back as a donkey or a dove
is this the first time I've been born
or have I really been here before?

and we never die
we just go on living
through another one with stories like our own
we never miss a chance
that cannot still be taken
for every moment is my birth
my death is not worth waiting

your death is not worth waiting for
Track Name: Canyon Ghost
one summer evening I was driving down the road
fallin asleep at the wheel
made it to the truck-stop but I couldn't stay awake
so my eye-lids began to seal
the road ahead was crawling with a million spooky things that I just cannot quite explain
every myth and creature in Nevada was awake they were standing in the desert rain

a dog with no eyes
and a pair of jeans walking
and a paper-mache cowboy
there's a place on the mountain
that's a rip in time
and a few of the long-lost toys

there's no time to look over your shoulder now
see the places in your memory
still intact and high above your misery

the rocks that line the riverbed
so many years have passed
dream arising from the dead
let me back to the past
the ghost in the canyon is coming down
(i feel her love)
smell the rain on the cactus flower
(flowers are blooming now)
the darkened skies
my widened eyes
and faces in the clouds
whispers from rusted cars
and strange lights on the mount

cactus and bones
killers on roads
beings untold
night will unfold
hide in the stones
make a fire to be warm
wait for the dawn
wait for the sun

I am your ghost
the one you were after
I hold the sky
and the dreams of masters
I am the place
you long to be
feel my embrace
and know
that I love you

turn away
from desolate highways
come to me
remember the old days
I'm the ghost of the canyon
the wind and the rain
you're my companion

Its like a fail-safe
if I cant live this life
there's a world aside this one
that nobody can change
it stays the same
we can visit the old place anytime
all times are one
and down the highway
veering off into the sky
the ghost and the firefly

something I wish I held onto
nights we stayed and this we knew
the way the lights had shifted blue
things were alive and moving too

step out of your mobile home
come with me out on this cloud
and no
you wont fall though it
even though you're a thousand feet off the ground
Track Name: Pebble
she laid it down the day the virus reached her neighborhood
laid it in the stream by the barricade
a small rounded pebble that bared both their names
in hopes that he would find it one day

and so it came to pass
the virus took out everyone
leaving her to wander the countryside

she wondered if he'd ever made it out somehow
or simply parished like the rest

then a voice rose from the darknesss
and a man stepped forward
said you can stay in your safety or I can take you onward
so she ran up to join him
and all the others that gathered
as they started their journey
it was this they chanted

I stand the ground that many have before since fallen over stones and the pebbles that have brought the modern man to his knees and
I hear the sound of evolution calling from the mountains and in the wind calling us to rise against the market world

new day dawns
the fear of life has passed
voice of truth
free to speak at last

pebble in your hand
all the things you could make it do
build a life that never existed
or kill the ones that did this to you
Track Name: Silently
on a stormy afternoon
broke and grey like an old cartoon
streets abandoned
fade to white
something's dragging away the light

don't you love how they know just what we like now?
don't you want to be a part of what we like now?

a face is floating in the air
don't know if it's really there
it has seen me by the wall
looks like it has no mouth or eyes at all
I wonder if it really sees
or does it smell the blood on me?

there's a fountain of youth
behind a plastic screen
there for everyone to view and never get a drink
there's a world so very faint underneath the layers of paint
how do you like it
how does it feel
to know you are dying
and its all very real?
Track Name: Lemuria Part III
I failed to see
there was a light inside of me
and I snuffed it out too soon

when I became
or came undone
and settled for
a kingdom crumb
that is where I left Lemuria

and I failed to believe
when you showed me this machinery
that could bring it all to unseasoned bloom

when I let go
of my island reef
moon-lit clouds
a lamp-lit street

that is where I left Lemuria
that is where I left Lemuria

see with your heart
speak from your mind
Lemuria you'l find
Lemuria you'l find